Tuesday, June 4, 2013


     The common assumption is that there is no official state religion in the United States. No formal, accepted, sanctioned "official" religion. Not Buddhist, nor Christian, nor Islamic, nor Jewish, nor Pagan, nor Atheist... no official religion. But this assumption is completely false and paints a Potemkin facade over the true, official state religion of the United States of America: Patriotism.

     Yes, Americans are free to worship any of the above, or any other religion I have not happened to mention, but there is one religion which all Americans have inculated and pre-programmed and brainwashed into them from the very earliest age: Patriotism. That this is the Best, the Chosen By God, the One Great Hope of Mankind, the United States of America. And by God, don't you ever doubt that! We even pass laws with ridiculous titles such as the "Patriot Act" to ensure that nobody goes around badmouthing our leaders --most especially when it's inconvenient for them.

     Here in the United States, we do not erect our temples to Zeus, Apollo, or Aphrodite. Would that we did, perhaps! No, here we erect our civic monuments to our great, mortal leaders- Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, et al. Our monuments to our Sacred War Dead collect themselves with each generation's sacrifice to the Military Industrial Moloch in Washington DC, alongside with those to the other mortals.

     To question the government, even the validity of the Commander In Chief, is to risk approbation, social sanction, being outcaste/exiled, even. "Love it Or Leave It!" you hear the breast-beaters shout, as Johnny comes marching home in a pine wood box to a parade of muffled drumbeats, and mothers, sisters, lovers, children weep. "A grateful nation thanks you for your (their) sacrifice." Empty words passed on at every soldier or veteran's memorial service, followed by the rooty-toot-toot 21 gun salute.

     The notion that something is always going wrong in the world, somewhere, and that America should and ought to be, there to "fix" it, has led (in the past sixty years) to all manner of stupid, immoral and illegal incursions, wasted trillions of hard won tax dollars, and killed thousands, both American and foreign lives. All wasted in the strange and vain notion that America's Way is the Best Way, the Only Way, for societies to organize themselves. Got a problem with some country electing the wrong man? The USA, & the CIA, we're here to help you!

     No, this is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, with more convicts in our prison system than any other society on planet Earth, and with the free-est press system Anywhere! We are free to speak our mind, say what we like- and be subjected to secret government surveillance, while we're at it! We're free to assemble anywhere, just so long as that we are not organizing, somehow, to disrupt the machinations of the bureaucrat class.

     It's probably significant that American reporters who are courageously bringing to light the dank spiderweb of the present administration's war on personal freedoms are doing so from outside the country. The American press has fallen flat on its face on the job, having previously chosen swandiving into a love fest for Hif Majeftie during the last election campaign- rather than to objectively report on the bias and difficulties inherent with both major party candidates. That is, until the latest revelations of snooping on the AP surfaced. Inside the nation, the former "liberals" now choke on the news that their Messiah has come not with a sword of liberation, but a torch handed off from his predecessor, and loving it, too! But some of us saw it coming & resisted the temptation to be fooled again.

      No, we have the right to be secure in our papers, letters, and effects- but now, only governmental appointees can be assured of the ability to hold "secret" email accounts, hidden from public scrutiny,  immune to the same subject search and seizure without warrant- and to avoid the stain of accountability when innocent people get "accidentally" turned into the  targets of our Chief Executive's wrath. Or as a similar situation was once put, in the old Soviet Union- "They, the Servants of the People- They have running water. But We, the People, do not."

     So God Bless America, and all the poor sods who died (now in vain) fighting for the freedoms we took for granted and haven't even noticed we've lost, all in the name of some "momentary security," which one man involved in creating our Republic long ago said we might no longer deserve, if the truth shall be self evident...
Being President of the United States of America means never having to say you're sorry:

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