Monday, June 24, 2013

Boring, Boring

     Recent news events, as has been the trend, have managed to take me away from writing about the fine and kinder and beautiful things which this existence does afford us- and which were to have been the primary focus of this blog. Worries over personal situations, as well, have tended to keep me from writing on those finer, more beautiful topics, as the need to focus on primary survival objectives has now necessitated a "crisis mode" mentality in my household. It is in such an environment that we now approach 3,000 blog pageviews, and with such a landmark, we cross into the realm of "legitimacy" so far as blogging, publishers, and what passes for journalism goes.
     Nonetheless, the fight to secure a situation where I'm allowed my personal being to flourish continues. Maybe some of my ideals are too radical for some folks, these days- perhaps, being someone who cares about Human Rights- and esp. those enshrined in the Bill of Rights- sets me apart (for sure) from the usual politico and the typical politician. But I do not care for politics. Some things just drive me out of my tree, when all I'd prefer to do (and presumably, all society might prefer me to do) is sit in the branches whittling useful moments out of my time. I would much rather shut up (to a certain extent) and work to earn a living.
    So now I find finally that, at last, the country seems to be slowly but surely waking from its lulled complacency about all these things germane to our rising  US police state, and no longer do I sound the lone raving paranoid. While I can't help but express displeasure at the powers that be- whomever and whenever they are, at least I'm being true to my "Christian anarchist" Tolstoyan principles. (That's not my definition, of them -that's Wikipedia's).   I'm getting pretty damn sick and tired of watching my government alienating its friends and making more enemies every time I turn around. And however someone feels about the "right" of government to intrude on the rights and acts of our personal and private lives, at least, someone like myself no longer writes and polemicizes from a lone hut on the mountain. Now there are many more voices, finally, joining the fray. As I said, it can only get better, because as someone once sang "there's something going on around here that surely won't stand the light of day." Let the light win out.

Here's a link to exactly what I mean when I say "alienating our friends."

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