Monday, June 10, 2013


The new head of MiniLuv, John Brennan, ongoes to regardnot concepts and constructs of goodlaw in his pursuit of the doubleplus ungood dobadders who dare to resist the might and power of BB by challenging the principles of IngSoc using terror tactics. The doubleplus ungood dobadders who appear on the IntelMatrix at Miniluv are plainsee so ungood that not even MiniLaw can assume their trial by jury. They have forfeited their personhoodness and right to citizenbeing, for as all good Party Members know, citizenbeing is a privilege, not a right, in Oceania. Reports that at least three Oceanian citizens have sotoward been classified as unpersons and disappeared unhave “due process” or unability to challenge allegations of terrorist affiliations are nothing but rumors and crimethink. Even a 16 year old male of combat age who appears at the wrong place in the wrong time (and thenceforth qualifying as the unperson to be delimited of citizenbeing rights) as the reports have gone, 
have been truemade to havebe nothing but terror propaganda updone by the terror societies that flourish all over the planet. And as all good citizens and Party Members know, because BB loves us, those who make such aspersions as to the ungoodness of the nation of Oceania itself are doubleplus ungood and deserve to comebeing unpersoned. With more terrorist crimethinkers created every day by the results of MiniLuv and BB’s suchrumored targeted-to-disappear-unpersons-program, work has begun at MiniTrue on the restructuring and resurrection of goodlaw in order to meet the protocol and demand of the new Chief of MiniLuv, as well as BB. ‘Only when we have cleanmade the world of this problem we usfully have created will we have peace” BB declares in the last Six Minutes Hate. As we all know the only peace is found in the shelter of war. Nothing is a better engine of our fuleconomyness than the plusmaking of machines of death. Factwise, there is no death, unless BB says it is. Our children must inherit such a cleansed world, because only the principles of the Party and of IngSoc deserve to comebeing the shapers and deciders of the human future. And without such tactical tools such as the suchrumored targeted-to-disappear-unpersons-program, Oceania will continue to be threatened by nonstate irregular terror actions by crimethinkers. All ungood unpersons should be speedful and quickestful eliminated, no matter what it takes. Long Live Big Brother!
W Smith


[author's note- the above was written nearly thee months ago while John Brennan was still under consideration or had only been recently approved to be head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Subsequent revelations on the far-reaching, anti-constitutional surveillance state headed by Hif Majeftie (BB) and MiniLaw Eric Holder, as well as Hif Majeftie's recent claims that such a situation exists for the benefit of our nation,  and that we must make compromises between our liberty and state security, despite our Constitution, have necessitated my re-publishing this article. I had envisioned an ongoing website dedicated to NewSpeak parsing of the news, however, found one article like this almost too much to take on, and an ongoing hassle that would not be even HALF as much fun as I had imagined. But let this stand as a part of public record, then, against Hif Majeftie's mockery of those of us who feel -as he dissembled and was at a loss for words- 'the work of some Big Brother program ...uh... run amok.' Oh and now he'd like to bring yet another Bush appointee in, as the head of the FBI. "Hope and Change!" You betcha!]

Being President of the United States of America means never having to say you're sorry:

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