Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why ObamaCare Doesn't Work

     Americans are incorrigible and intractable. There are fewer guarantees than herding cats when it is put in front of them: Do something because you Must, not because you Choose to. The Individual Mandate of ObamaCare was a losing proposition from the start, prima facie. So is ANYTHING which the Government tells you you MUST do. Register for the draft. Pay us your withheld wages. “Serve” your country by killing whomever the government says this year is on its “out” list. Etc. They did not reckon on what has long been an ingrained piece of the American Character: knowing that just because the Government says it’s good for you, doesn’t necessarily make it so.

     If they had wanted to create a program that people would CHOOSE, then they could have crafted something attractive, something instinctively positive, so compelling that people would say “Now that makes sense! It’s cheaper than what I have now, and I can do this.” No! That is absolutely not what happened. What happened was, a herd of party hack backslappers threw together a document none of them read in full and passed it, over the (predictably) coarse objections of the loyal opposition. ObanaCare became, not something of personal health care choice, but something the Government decided needed to be rammed down everybody’s throat. Is it really any wonder so few people have signed up for it, after all?

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