Monday, November 4, 2013

It’s Always Something

"All Presidents must go to a diamond hell"- Allen Ginsberg

     Hardly a week nor a day goes by anymore   without new “astonishing” revelations of outright brigandry undertaken by the U.S. Government on behalf and in the name of its citizenry.Today, it’s the CIA using doctors in direct deviation from their Hippocratic oaths as agents of torture and interrogation of terror suspects. Since when were Gestapo tactics welcome to the White House? Well, say many (an I am among them) the paper trail leads back to legal advisor to John Ashcroft, John Yoo, who drew up a legal brief during the regime of G.W. Bush. Approval of these tactics against “rendered suspects” would under normal circumstances earn such criminals an outright dismissal of any charges, due to government misconduct.
     “But these are different times,” apologists would like us to understand. These are indeed. When the USA can forego its once believable moral authority as champion of human rights and dignity in order to become as low as the terrorist they seek to destroy, now they’ve sunk to a grossly debased acceptance of the worst and most evil maxim of Macchiavelli’s: that the ends justify the means.
     “It was necessary to kill the patient,” (Ms. Liberty) “in order to save her,” one can well imagine Barack Obama telling us all at one of his courtly, staged “press rehearsals.”
     The current administration has done nothing less than to continue the war crimes of the former one. The man we elected in the name of peace murders and lies and acts as if there’s nobody else in the entire country who might pose any challenge to his intellectual and political conceits. He’s wrong.
     Of course, he could always just send his Seal Team Death Squad into Russia, to “get” Mr. Snowden just as he did Osama bin Laden. After all, what are sovereign borders and target locations deep inside a nation’s heartland to them? If Mathias Rust could do it, so could they! Although one imagines the new Russian government might have somewhat altered their aerial security technology and capacity  by this time. (Or, if the President of the United States is so good at killing people as he says, why doesn’t he just go over there and do it himself?)
     But Ed Snowden just happened to be in the right place at the right time and with the right approach to authority. Authority must ALWAYS be questioned, because Authority is ALWAYS seeking no less than the continuance of its power, and absolute totalitarian power is no less than tyranny- in their case now, a tyranny that they would hope would enshroud and enshadow the entire world.
     I did not elect Barack Obama to brag about his murders. I elected him to bring culpable authority into account for their crimes against national and international law and recognized values of human rights. And to bring figures such as Osama bin Laden to a justice worthy of the word, not lynch mob law. He’s been a total failure at such on every level in these regards. Nor did I elect him to be the Democratic Party’s version of the man he replaced, or the ringleader of the most notorious secret police spy ring in history.
     No, I elected him to be something which he never was, and never can be- a humane, just, fair, honest man devoted to upholding the nation’s Constitution and by so doing, keeping the esteem and good reputation of the USA in the eyes of the world community..
Being President of the United States of America means never having to say you're sorry:

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