Friday, November 1, 2013


    On the day after their most solemn and festive occasion, it needs to be addressed- it’s a national problem! Each year on Halloween thousands of witches nationwide lose their lives due to intoxicated flying. The photos above only illustrate a small percentage of the problem.  Everywhere, witches drink their potions and fly, and this is the result!
     That’s why Congress and the States must create a new law and programs designed to discourage witches from flying while drunk. Griselda, Endorra, and Baba Yaga might prefer a nip of the old henbane or nightshade, but, all too often, a night of wicked joy turns out to be a pyre of ash- especially for those who navigate into high-voltage wires!
     As an unrepentant civil libertarian, I fully endorse the idea that witches should be free to practice their personal religion. And in most cases I feel additional regulatory legislation makes social issues like drug abuse worse, not improving them. But this has gone on for too long and for too far!  Think of the children!
     If driver licenses can be issued to “non-documented” aliens, then why not pilot’s licenses for witches? Even domestic drones are now under the purview of the FAA!

     If you agree that these irresponsible, “wise” old crones need regulation and oversight lest they continue year in and year out to pose a threat to public safety, and heedlessly expose themselves to danger, please, write to your Congressional Representatives and State Legislators! Please Fly Safely!

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