Thursday, August 29, 2013

Here We Go Again

     Drumbeats and sword rattles, the USA is heading back again, as usual with a blindfold, into bellicosity and bloodshed. Hif Majeftie, in order not to look bad and to “stand on his principles” threatens another Congressionally unapproved venture into the affairs of another nation. His right hand hatchet man, John Kerry, former head of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, rattles his saber high-most of all, now that he is in the most powerful national position he has ever held. Nobody has yet come forth to challenge the hypocrisy of HIS “principles” yet, I notice. He also (most obviously) needs to re-read the Constitution of the United States, which states that Congress has sole responsibility to levy war, contrary to what he has most obscenely stated otherwise in recent days. But I guess if you walk around long enough with an American flag pin in your lapel, you start believing you are hot shit.
    Without proof of any sort, they insist that regime change MUST come to Syria because “obviously” it was the Syrian government who created the havoc and casualties from the gas attack... created, very likely, from chemical weapons which the USA sold to Saddam Hussein to begin with, spirited over into Syria before the UN inspections came to THAT country, and prior to the three-trillion-dollar unilateral US intervention THERE. And to support a ragtag group of rebels a large portion  of whom pledge some sort of loyalty toward our “sworn enemy” Al Qaeda. Where is the outrage, the shock of the antiwar movement at all this? Oh, right, it was “our” guy, the “peace candidate” up there blathering.  We had best Support our Commander In Chief and Support The Troops. Duh.
      The hypocrisy on all levels here is underwhelming and another example of why I just cannot believe half of the things this administration- or for that matter, the things that come spieling off the top of the heads of either major American political party nowadays. We already wasted three trillion plus in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, we risk to waste not only another trillion or two more, but to draw the entire world into a MidEast conflict.
     This  president has done absolutely none of the things I elected him to do, nor has he done any of the things I had expected him to do. Instead, he has turned into a smiley-faced “liberal” carbon copy of the man he replaced. If he'd like to get some slack from me, well he ought to give up that idea immediately- I am now firmly convinced he is a lying hypocrite and a murderer- and just another numb- nuts puppet and tool of the military-industrial complex who deserves no less than to be run off Capitol Hill on a rail, tarred and feathered. For everything this administration has done (in supporting the totalitarian ideals of the previous) as well as its own innovations on the theme, nothing short of impeachment will satisfy me.
     A president of the USA used to be “the man who kept the peace.” NOW it appears, their primary mission of course is to oversee and wage wars. Useless, generally illegal, and unconstitutional wars, based on rumors and lies and innuendos. While once it was the job of the president to ensure the prosperity of the nation, now it only appears a president exists to ensure the enmity of all other nations against it. But I know one thing. If you are against war, you ought to be against ALL war. Believing there is even such a thing as a “just” war is an offense against God AND humanity. Unless you would like the world to go up in flames, don’t lend your support, tacit or otherwise, to the murder of your brothers, your sisters, and innocents. Because that is all any of this ever leads to.
     "Because we are the cops of the world boy, we are the cops of the world"-Phil Ochs

Being President of the United States of America means never having to say you're sorry:

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