Friday, August 16, 2013

"Constitution-Free" Zones and Alphabet Soup Tyranny

Another candidate for #1 most unreported story" for 2013 is the recent revelation that the Department of Homeland Security has declared an internal border zone extending 100 miles inland of all territorial US Borders as "Constitution-free" zones, where American citizen's rights as per 1st and 2nd Amendments (and presumably,  also the 4th, 5th, and all other Articles)  are subject to arbitrary suspension at the whim of the Department's officers. Reports are already surfacing of people's electronic devices being seized, their passwords demanded, and of officers scrutinizing the private files ("papers")- of said citizens.
Orders for this had to come from someplace, (unless it all symbiotically materialized out of some weird "mission creep" over a number of past administrations) and as there is only one man sitting at the top of this entire structure of "extra-legal" activity, it can only be one man, that "Constitutional scholar" whose policies seem to have included, from the very start of his terms in office, a complete ignorance of the purpose and import of that venerable and honorable document he swore an oath to uphold. If the buck stops "Here" then someone has some rather fierce explaining to do- which as yet has not been forthcoming.
And yet, the country continues on its merry way, with massive unemployment and, what is worse, massive UNDERemployment, while the "job creators" pull strings and manipulate their ledgers to avoid the inevitable clash of their profit motive and a mandatory health insurance bill, prone to eventually fall upon the backs of everyone. I have a great solution to that- just take half the defense budget, cut it in half, yes- which means bringing back the stormtroopers from across the global empire, shutting down their posts, and putting all that logistical pork "expenditures" into the creation of a true national health program, which citizens are allowed to keep existing plans, and those who have not will be provided for. After all, "providing for the general welfare" must mean something other than welfare for the arms industry and warmongering malingerers who have inflated their cause and wrecked and looted the treasury for over a decade now. And you, stormtroopers of the Empire- are you still yet convinced you are "fighting for freedom"- when your own government forbids you to read about its recently uncovered abuses of civil liberties? A good many of Hif Majeftie's supporters remain unconvinced, and that (for some illogical reason) he ought be given "the benefit of the doubt" even here, five and a half years into his reign.
If one man is not at the top of the machinery of control of all this then where is the accountability? Is it spread out amongst the many representatives of a secret panopticon, are we all subject to their whim and possibility of "indefinite detention?"The DHS would have you think that within their 100-mile limits there are no governmental accountabilities nor responsibilities. Liberty ends just this side of the Sierras. I suppose that someone somewhere decided that the Constitution is a negotiable and revocable entity. But therein are the seeds of a tyranny, and if one man must be held accountable, then that man is indeed a tyrant.
The alphabet soup of agencies- IRS, DEA, NSA, TSA, DHS- which have co-opted this debate through their "authorization by our duly elected representatives" are both the symptoms and the arms of this infection which has overwhelmed, seemingly, the democratic process of this nation and the will of its people. It is no longer government by for and of the people, but by for and of the government. Apparently they are so scared of liberty (even pundits like David Books make bleating noises out their ass-trumpets about the "structure of" Liberty -Liberty has a STRUCTURE?) that they will demean, abuse, crush, and destroy all who would stand up and say "something just isn't right here, it won't wash, it's rotten in Denmark..." and seek to paint them as enemies of the public good rather than believers IN the public good who are both dismayed and betrayed by what they have found going on within the halls of power.
Would YOU buy a used car from this man?
Being President of the United States of America means never having to say you're sorry:

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