Saturday, August 17, 2013

BUS OF FOOLS - a new novel by Mark Lind-Hanson - AVAILABLE @ SMASHWORDS.COM

      In Bus of Fools, Guru Abbryggdd, the co-creator of the OtherNet, attempts to regain his family's lost estates and place in the House of Lords. Joined by the pretender to the throne of England, the "terrorist" Bonny Black Prince, they join forces to recapture their respective places in history and society. Along the way Guru meets a number of American tourists, in Paris on a week-long bus tour, at the intersection of belief and incredulity.
     They include: Andrew Dempster, Marin County bookseller and his poet wife Fern, out for international recognition; Inez McGillicuddy, elderly painter haunted by memories of an old friend; Hugh Baggs and his wife Ramona, quintessential "ugly American" swimming far out of his element; Tunny Bachlund, SoCal resident released from a painful job and out to see the world, and Dale Holloway, hedonistic yuppie with an appetite for kicks... 
     Bus of Fools  is the first solo (published) novel by Mark Lind-Hanson, and a sequel to Third Eye Patch. A separate sequel by co-author Kevin Donohue is in the works.

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