Thursday, March 28, 2013

THIRD EYE PATCH Kevin Donohue & Mark Lind-Hanson

     A high-tech thriller-satire set in the America of the present day, THIRD EYE PATCH will take you on a wild roller-coaster ride as you follow Mike Chen, Boffin Syznic, Jennifer Morgan, Guru Abbryggdd, and the rest of the Table Foundation as they struggle to bring into being the Third Eye Patch. a biomedical device that enables a person to reset his or her natural body rhythms with an algorithm based on a musical melody. This device is a bold and radical alternative in high-tech bio-medicine, and is a clear and present danger to the forces of darkness and domination that keep Humankind in servitude to the colossal pharmaceutical industry. 
     Mike Chen is a has-been inspirational writer and new age toastmaster, entering middle age. After being swindled in a shaky business deal resulting in bankruptcy, foreclosure, and the walkout of his longtime girlfriend (the beautiful but fragile Beta Bronski), Mike has come to the conclusion he is a fraud, and decides to announce it to the world in a comeback bid. 
     At his father's funeral, Mike hooks up with his first wife, the notorious literary agent Jennifer Morgan, who takes him back under her wing, and offers him a job with The Table Foundation, the brainchild of brilliant 'outlaw' electronics billionaire, Boffin Syznic. In a fit of inspiration, Mike proposes the Third Eye Patch, a meditative patch similar to a nicotine patch, that delivers a calming pulse, instead of added nicotine and other drugs. Boffin Syznic not only flips over the idea, he proposes to Mike to undertake a journey, a quest: The Search of the Lost Chord, or more accurately, the elusive melody that will be chosen as the algorithm for the meditative patch–The Third Eye Patch!
     Along with musicologist Steve Shank, one-time rock god and guitar-slinger, Mike's odyssey takes him from Athens, Macedonia, and Istanbul, to the Central Asian Republic of Tuva. The pair are shadowed by nosy reporters and shadowy assassins, because the word is out about the Third Eye Patch, which has many special interests (including Mega Corporation Perry Pharmaceuticals, among others), quite alarmed.
     The very idea of a meditative patch that promises, in the words of Boffin Syznic: "A life of optimal health and happiness for Humankind" is intolerable, and must be stopped right in its tracks.
     A shadow agency of the United States Government, the National Agency of Science and Technology (NASTY), has been directed to get the Patch at any cost, and ruthless spymaster FW Piltdown is dispatched to the West Coast, where he recruits and brainwashes Beta Bronski, to spy on the Table Foundation (in the name of "National Security") and acquire the Patch, and pass its secrets on to PerryPharm, and other corporations, to "maintain the balance of power." Will they succeed in suppressing the Third Eye Patch, or will Mike Chen realize his quest for the "Betterment of Humankind, along with a comfortable amount of cash!"
     All of this, and more, are told in THIRD EYE PATCH.
     This new edition supersedes all previous ones and meets the complete approval of the authors.



DEATHCO (Tales From The Patchsphere):


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