Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Legacy of Suffering

     It's clear to me that the debate over targeted murder, execution, and assassination of America's "enemies" is full of a great many contradictions. Not the least of which is, why so many persons I once knew (and a great many more I never did) who once were opposed to the Vietnam War are so reticent, silent, and approving of the current administration and its policies.
     I guess it's because they want to keep on believing that this president is, actually, a nice, friendly human being who only seeks peace and love and harmony between nations. In my mind he's done nothing of the sort. His real legacy is the thousands of shattered lives, the blown-off arms, legs, hands, feet, and heads of at least 175 innocent children and several thousands more adults. The ruined lives of mothers, sisters, husbands, brothers. The only thing different about the innocent hundreds of thousands slain in Vietnam under Johnson and Nixon (and Ford) and the thousands done to death by drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan is the magnitude of numbers, and the ethnicity and skin color. The people who look different across the river are still dying for being the people across the river who look different. It isn't going to help them like us any more or any better, y' think?
     The Obama administration has engaged upon a hazardous and slippery slope, by way of their utter imbecility when engaged in what Sun Tzu called the Art of War. You might take this with a grain of salt, coming from a committed lifelong antiwar zealot, but, no matter how many times soldiers come back from a war to tell the home crowd "it was all for a heaping pile of stinking bullshit", still the home crowd cheer and praise and wave the bloody flag: after all  they're "our" team. And the leaders ride the wave of vengeance roughshod over whatever last remaining vestiges of humanity remain, citing the same old lame cliches about "our national security" our "sacred" homeland, their "honor and sacrifice" and blablabla.
     How many more have to die to justify and satisfy the thirst for revenge over 9-11-01? 
     Let alone the great incompetents, they couldn't even bring Bin Laden to justice, alive, in NYC for a trial at the scene of the crime. The leaders have decided we the American public, like little children, do not deserve to see all the evidence gathered at the scene of Bin Laden's execution- even as they granted his deepest desire: martyrdom at the hands of the U.S. Government. Whether or not "the fog of war" obscured the desire to apprehend and bring before a court of law the most infamous heinous world actor since...<?> Well, you get the idea. Just as they did after the assassination of John Kennedy, the powers that be decided to lock away the full evidence  of the event forever.  Perhaps because Hif Majeftie and Duchess Clinton have guilty consciences- that the plan to rope in the dragnet ended with a gunshot and not the slam of a jail cell? Who knows. I cannot speak to nor fathom the minds of those who claim to represent us.
     What I can speak to is that those who seek high office, in this case, the most powerful office in the entire world, have sociopathic motives to begin with. Almost my entire lifetime I have seen nothing but sociopaths elected president- you almost need to be one, to lust for the Absolute Power that holding this office often represents. There are two other branches of our government, yes, but if Republicans most often write unconstitutional legislation, it seems most often, that Democrats sign it. Therefore there is hardly any leg for either party to stand on when it comes to contempt for the Constitution as it was intended- and the Supreme Court are hardly a worthy recipient of our trust any longer, either. And, more importantly, as Senator Paul asked the other day, "If you happen to be the son of a bad person, is that enough to kill you?" That, I would submit to a candid world, is the $1,000.oo question this president is too cowardly to answer. 
     You have to be nuts to want That Job, and whoever does, deserves every grey hair they get. The legacy of any President, apparently, is a trail of suffering left in their wake. Here they gave a Nobel Peace Prize to one who did nothing more extraordinary than get elected! Allen Ginsberg said "All presidents go to a diamond hell."& the older I get and the more I experience, the more I believe this is true. Don't ask me for my sympathy, or my vote- I've known too few years of my lifetime with my nation at PEACE with the rest of the world to believe you'll do any better. And unless you understand, that killing for peace IS like fucking for virginity, I'm afraid, you're doomed to several more incarnations in this hell until you wise up. After all, you asked for it.

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