Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

     Today, August 9th, is the 69th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city of Nagasaki, Japan, by the United States of America. By now, we have been insufferably treated with the yelps of the “greatest generation” with their unconvincing rationale, “if it wasn’t for Hiroshima, millions more lives would have been lost.” Now there, indeed, is an arguable point. No doubt, Hiroshima lessened the value of human life to the Allied powers of the western Alliance that fought Hitler back across the Rhine and Japan to the nexus of the Home Islands. But something in this also rings hollow. If Hiroshima is understandable, as a “last resort” against an indomitable irreducible enemy, what was Nagasaki? Rubbing it in?
    No doubt if Hiroshima cheapened the value of human life, Nagasaki rendered it worthless. In a matter of milliseconds, in both cities, the United States achieved the same feat as .009166  of the European Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazi’s, and joined the competition for “best atrocity photos of stacked up dead bodies” hitherto engaged in by Germany an the Soviet Union , and later, Maoist China, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia,  in the race for “Most Efficient Genocidal Methods.” Surely the USA won that one, for no other mass slaughter in human history was ever so effective nor as instantaneous. The atomic bombings of Japan achieved in seconds what months/weeks were needed for the Nazis. Now THAT is industrial scale efficiency!
     At the time of the bombings a full 13% of Americans approved of “annihilation and extermination” and a “wiping out” of the Japanese nation, and 27% approved of building and dropping even more bombs. America’s transition from moral victor over the genocidal fascists to an equivalent moral pariah in mass murder was complete. So long as the United States continues to drone to death innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, she has absolutely no right, nor the moral standing, to criticize Israel for its own “collateral damage” in Gaza- unfortunately.
     So Happy Anniversary, America! Don’t choke on the olive in the martini!

A recent poll has shown that Americans regret having chosen President Spybot over the competition by a poll of 55%-43%, if an election were held today. Having voted in the 2% qualifying as “Innocent” vs the “Big Evil”-“Little Evil” Tweedledum-Tweedledee Party race, I find this completely unsurprising. Here’s a look at Prez. Spybot’s legacy and what it means six years into “it’s all Bush’s fault!”


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