Tuesday, July 22, 2014


In Book Three of the Julian Plectrum Series, Julian gets The Fallen Lady tavern up onto her feet. Royalist retainers down from Devonshire take over Baron Anselm’s Trewidden castle in his absence, and impose oppressive taxes and fines upon the locals. Julian finds and brings to play a number of traveling minstrels, is host to inquisitional monks, the usurper nobles, and is forced into his own confrontation with authority over the true authorship of his Lay of Hotspur.  Anselm’s untimely death ultimately forces Julian to consider the fate of the Welsh uprising in the face of the power of the Crown.


You may either continue reading the serialization here at Grand Jatte, over summer 2014, or download a sample (better yet- buy the book- or buy the whole trilogy!) today at Smashwords.com.

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