Friday, June 6, 2014

More Horse-Puckey

     In what’s sure to go down as a most signal imputation of the aims of the current administration, President Spybot announced recently his opposition to the idea of Scottish Independence.
     The one-time “Constitutional scholar” says that the status of his ally, Great Britain, is too tied to the security of the United States to brook such a thing as the notion of a free and independent Republic of Scotland.
     President Obama once again displays his ignorance of American history, by disparaging (as an inheritor of) the Scottish Enlightenment, those very philosophers who came to inspire thinkers in America such as Paine, Adams, Madison, and Franklin, in their hopes of creating a place where all are “equally endowed by their Creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Men like John Locke and Adam Smith who set the stage for an opposition to the very Act of Union (1706-7) which subsumed Scotland into the British Empire- an act of Parliaments, not a democratic plebiscite election. And ever since, a good many Scots have wished for a reversal of fortune, for however beneficial it may have seemed at the time, the general nature of their ethnic society is separate and apart, and always has been, from their southern neighbors.
     The Act of Union itself inspired movements of separatism such as the Jacobite rebellion, attempts by the Scottish people themselves to retain autonomy over their domain apart from that of the “subjects” of the King and Queen of England.
     Of course, President Spybot was also was recently seen at the beachhead site of the joint US-UK invasion of continental Europe in 1944, seventy years ago, while Europe was under the yoke of Nazi Germany and its secret-security state apparatus, the Gestapo. I’m sure all the brave Americans, English, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders who were killed in the landings all died for the right of the USA’s NSA to spy on the entire population of planet Earth!
     President Spybot has done a number of  things (many of them have been pointedly documented in this blog) since taking power. But blatant nonsense on behalf of totalitarianism, is of course, nothing new to him.
     In fact, the USA sits tenuously but tenaciously and precariously perched in a state much akin to that of Great Britain in 1777. A global empire unrivalled and mostly unchallenged (lest we forget those pesky French!) to marshal forth military might in 180 countries and most importantly, in partnership with its imperial parent country.  Trade mercenary Germans from Hesse for "independent contractors" working for Blackwater and - hoy presto! Trade the monopoly over cotton and tea in India for opium and oil in Afghanistan, and voila! The use of surveillance over the telecommunications of all the countries on Earth without any probable cause, or open transparent process, equal to the rights of the forces of the King of England to process general warrants against its population, for any reason, to gather and collect information on everyone, reminds me of someplace else and what WWII was really all about to begin with.

     The United States should indeed welcome the coming into existence of a free and independent Scotland. Joining as our brothers with the Republic of India, and other ex-colonial victims of the British Empire, proudly shaking off the shackles of tyranny. Those of us who remember America for what she once was, and are insulted by what she has become, would welcome our Scots cousins with open arms in the community of nations. Unlike our current, shameful, Tory (in the US sense!) president. Of course, William Wallace died for nothing, isn’t that right, Barry?

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