Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hillary Clinton, Token Candidate En Perpetua

   It is always amazing the way some characters in American politics just never seem to go away, no matter how much scandal and schadenfreude appears in their wake. Hillary Clinton, like Dick Cheney, is one such individual. Not content in having been the power behind the throne for two terms of husband Bill (and always, always, turning a blind eye in the matter of his marital infidelity, in order to keep a firm hold on such osmotically-attained power) Mrs. Clinton is poised, and lauded, as she ever is, as the “most popular contender” for the titular role of “next President of the United States.”
     Goes without saying that there are millions of American women who will offer up their sacred votes for Mrs. Clinton on the premise that “America deserves a woman president” on much the same grounds millions of blacks voted for Barack Obama on the grounds that America deserved a black one. Never mind  that his record shows him to have been an absolute monstrosity on the issues on which he ran—Civil Liberties, Economic Recovery,  Health Insurance “you can keep”, a Lessened International US Military Involvement—Barack Obama has succeeded in outpacing and defrauding his core constituencies a dozen times already, and for what real gain of the nation, and, specifically, what particular gains for blacks themselves?
     Mrs. Clinton, herself the favorite of a class of individuals who see no problem with political nepotism in  the United States, glides into her comfortable “edge as the leading Democratic candidate” on the heels and coattails of husband Bill. One would hope that by now Americans have grown sick of family dynasties- the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Bushes, the Cheneys. But apparently just creating a meritocratic system which was designed to exclude hereditary and familial patronage just has not been enough for Americans, who despite their bright shining democratic city on a hill, ever yet bow and scrape to monarchs and royalty wherever they happen to coincide with agreements on foreign policy, (like Saudi Arabia) or “just plain tradition.” (the United Kingdom.)
     And yet, I see no reason to elect Mrs. Clinton on her merits, for there are, indeed, few merits. I will give couple of examples which show her in her true colors.  Alexander Cockburn, writing in his A Colossal Wreck, relates this story, (dated 1-18-2001) which I apologetically must quote verbatim.
     “Joann was recently traveling in a limo from Baltimore to a town in West Virginia and fell into conversation with the driver, who related some of his ferryings to and fro of various bigwigs. One of these was Hillary Clinton. “An ornery woman,” the driver commented. “And what a mouth on her!”
     The driver went on to describe an occasion on which he was driving the First Lady and a couple of her female friends through a poor area of Washington, DC. They passed a beggar, and as they did so the First Lady expressed her disgust for the mendicant, adding “He wouldn’t be a bum if he had a piece of ass.” The driver was able to shed no light in how or why she had arrived at this conclusion, stunned as he was by the coarse nature of her observations. Then they passed two young black women with babies. “There go two welfare cases. They make me sick. They’re too lazy to work,” said Senator Clinton, champion of mothers and children everywhere.”
      Mrs. Clinton was also captured on film chortling in glee over the lynching of Moammar Qaddafy by his enraged and incited populace. A matter of public record, she paraphrases Julius Caesar in her attempts to sound statesman-like.
     “We came, we saw, he died.”...
      ...[“Reporter—Did you have anything to do with it?”
      “Mrs. Clinton—I’ll never tell”. ]*
     You can watch a portion* of this informative exchange here:\
     On this matter, this is what Mr. Cockburn had to say:
     “Did the terminal command, Finish Him off, come via cell phone from the US State Department, whose Secretary, Hillary Clinton, had earlier called for his death, or by dint of local initiative? At all events, since Gaddafi was a prisoner at the time of his execution, it was a war crime, and I trust that in the years of her retirement Mrs. Clinton will be detained amid some foreign vacation and handed a subpoena.”
     In my opinion, a head of state who laughs— laughs! over the death by lynch mob of another head of state, is unworthy of the dignity of elected office. Is this really the kind of person we want representing our nation, serving our interests? Or is Mrs. Clinton just yet another version of our tendency to elect those we feel “familiar” with, minus the critical reasoning which it takes, on the part of a scrutinizing public, to ensure that the leaders we elect actually represent our stated and claimed ideals and values? Our nation is in a lot of trouble, folks. There are people now holding high office who not only find the violent death of others cute and appropriate, but are willing to find a joke in it, if they can manage to milk one.
     (*Apparently the full exchange with reporters from which I draw that quote, as I originally viewed it a year ago, is no longer up at YouTube, although I shall continue to research the possibility it might Somewhere be available, and update these links for my readers, if I can.
At present, unfortunately, all that are available are half-minute clips at the most. Given the high,  mighty, and protected status of Mrs. Clinton, it’s quite possible that such graphic exposures of the Secretary’s inner soul have been removed from YouTube by her political operatives.)

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