Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fukushima is a Crime Against Humanity

     It is becoming apparent, although you have not noticed much beyond a yawn in the mainstream media, that the Fukushima crisis in Japan has and is become a disaster of epic magnitude. Imagine an entire ocean, an entire ecosystem, choking on the leaked radiation from the reactor crippled by 2011's tsunami- imagine the impact along the entire west coast of North America to plant, animal, and human life as a result of the inability to contain and stop the further release of radioactive contaminants.
     It is also apparent that a coverup of epic magnitude began when Mrs. Hilary Clinton, a perpetual "potential nominee" for the Presidency of the United States, signed an agreement with the government of Japan that Japanese food imports could continue into the United States with a minimum of food quality testing. Fukushima irradiated imported food has been coming into the country ever since. It's being caught offshore, right now, and people are being advised- although not yet on a national scale- to avoid any Pacific ocean products. There is evidence that the radiation levels all along the Pacific coast have risen to extremes- 128, 136 rads taken in a reading off Pacifica, California, in the last week, and comparable readings being found in Washington state.
     The persons responsible for the disaster are indeed in my opinion, criminals against humanity. How can we measure the loss of the greatest ocean on earth and all the life within it? How can we measure the loss of human life, here and in Japan? Homeless men and women are being recruited in what has to be one of the most cynical evidences of Hitlerian "useless eater solutions" to provide help in the reactor cleanup. No additional health insurance guarantees are offered to these poor wretched and incredibly brave souls, by the way. Radiation is seen as a prime factor in the "starfish wasting syndrome" which is right now occurring across the North American, and apparently, other oceanic shores around the world. Cesium-137 is being noted in groundwater and surface berries on the west coast. It really appears as though something truly horrific - on a scale with a mass nuclear bomb fiesta- has been happening, and will continue to happen, as the effort to "plug the dykes" has taken on what appears to be a never-ending state of affairs.
     Politicians who bray loudly claiming responsibility for the "safety" of their populations should not be allowed to "fiddle while Rome burns" and continue on with business as usual, turning blind eyes to what is happening, and refusing to inform the public about things which the public, themselves with eyes to see and ears to hear and brains to figure things out, are only now waking up to what is happening all around them. Mrs. Hilary does not deserve the presidency of the United States for many reasons, but at this time, in my opinion, this is the biggest one to hit the wall as yet.
     This truly is a crime against humanity, if ever we saw one, on so many levels, that I am humbled by how little I can say more than I can at this moment.

Here's what appears to be the first evidence of "mainstream media attention" to this drama: from the San Francisco Examiner. I only drew up the tip of the iceberg in terms of the effects on species that this event is having. Make your own decisions about where you go and what you eat. Some of us have no choice for the moment but "sheltering in place". And an additional note about the culpability of Mrs. Hilary Clinton.

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