Sunday, July 21, 2013

Revoke the Nobel Prize

     Welcome to the neo-United States of America, where murder is legal, all citizens are suspicious, and self-righteous immorality flows from the top down. President Barack Obama, elsewhere described often on this blog as "Hif Majeftie" and privately as "that hypocrite jiveass punk" was awarded the Nobel Prize soon after taking office- for God knows what, as even he himself admitted. Subsequently, this president went on to launch more cruise missile-drone strikes than any previous president (including his predecessor, George Bush) which have killed, on average, only one terrorist target for every five innocent victims they have claimed. All this, they would like to say (as well as the uber-omniscient monstrosity, the NSA Prism program), is in the name of the security and liberty of the people of America. And yet, while saying so never makes something so, this administration continues its war on the American public (if it can be conceived, it can be believed) and most especially its most articulate critics.
     To protest against all this is seemingly futile, yet, deep reading of the work of the founders of this nation demands that those who are responsible for the new despotism must somehow be brought out into the light. The "transparent" presidency of secret rulings in secret courts to protect secret programs of top secret organizations is tantamount to the existence of a new Cheka, GeStaPo, Stasi, and NKVD. Only with red, white and blue splashed all over it and waving the flag; singing the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America, maybe with a cherry-flavored crucifix planted on top for good measure. Hard to tell. This supposedly "Christian" president thinks it perfectly fine to target people across the world on a Tuesday and pray for repentance on Sunday. Whatever.
     It's also perfectly fine for him to make mincemeat of US Citizens who have been charged with no crime, to prosecute reporters who are only acting within well-precedented tradition, to make stateless those who would wish to bring out to the light of day the Leviathan secret police state that the founders warned us long ago against our becoming, indeed, that our republic was founded to prevent. Doesn't matter now. Jefferson and Franklin are rolling in their graves. I'm not sure what can be done to get our Constitution back from these criminals- in both parties- who have stolen it away from us, but something needs to be done, lest the voice of the innocent and the common person seeking only to earn an honest living and live unmolested be lost in the mad crush toward an authoritarian super-state. This administration is both an economic miasma AND a civil liberties train wreck. But one thing can be done, and that is for the Nobel Committee to take back their "hasty and ill advised" award to the man who won it solely for the "miraculous" achievement of having been elected in the first place. I think that's only justice, and only fair.
Being President of the United States of America means never having to say you're sorry:
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