Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Season, Our Year

     We San Francisco Giants fans have reason to be proud. Halfway through the season, one of our stars (who shall remain nameless) made some bad decisions, in fact, had been making them most of the year... and got himself suspended, at the top of his zenith. Like Sisyphus, he would need to make the long, long, hard climb back... just to get a place at the table. The team were shocked- he had been a real sparkplug to them. But that did not shake them, break them, nor deter them. The Giants came back from the suspension with a determination and will that spread from the far reaches of the clubhouse to the nosebleed seats in the stands. The Giants came after the Dodgers, surpassed them, and left their wagons torn, shot through with arrows, and bleeding by the roadside.

And the Dodgers were only just the first of them. Cincinnati were next, and had them down two games to none, but they scratched back like alley cats with their back to a drainpipe and trounced them with a three game streak... Next were the Cardinals, who went with a simpering whimper, after holding the Giants down 3-1... lost three straight, to give San Francisco their second league championship in three years. So this should be a lesson to the entire east coast sportscaster and sportswriter establishment- Never underestimate a San Francisco baseball team, not EVER!

Now the Giants will face the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, for the first time ever. Detroit have fearsome pitching, but every Achilles has a heel. The Giants will do all they can to find it, attack it, and bring  the pomp and edifice down around the Tigers' heads, like Samson in the temple. This is a Giant team which will be remembered long after this World Series, win or lose- this 2012 Giants team was the Team That Believed, and Achieved Because They Believed... 

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