Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Laughing Dappled Shadow

     Mid-Autumn on the lower Mid-Peninsula. Indian Summer, now at its height... Lying in a chaise-lounge under cool and pleasant walnut tree shade. Book in hand, cat on lap. Splattered light and shadow dappling the large long lawn... nary but a slight breeze. Cat shifts, lies like Superman in flight, arms outstretched across my chest & toward my chin. From time to time, cat shifts his position, sometimes reaching out to touch my face with a paw, sometimes, rubbing his chin against mine.

     Cat definitely does not enjoy the idea that this moment may end in an hour or so... that I may be up and on my way- so get it while we can.

    Now and then, a sharp and sudden noise from the children playing in the schoolyard behind our yard. The cat's head snaps to attention, staring. Other times, it's a songbird come to rest on a branch. A flight of crows- fifteen or more- come flying over the yard, some roosting in the trees where they've made nests.  Others circle, cawing, spinning off to find some other rest, or fly on beyond toward the creek and the bayland.

     One of those short and pleasant occasions which may be all too few in years ahead, but definitely one to hold in mind. Impressions to form new memories, to hold forever. For the Now, life is fine. To look outside the Now is to find but problem, peril, and predicament. Best to appreciate what's here, tomorrow will be arriving soon enough.

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