Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Grand Jatte- Mission Statement

In kicking this thing off I suppose it would be better served to tell  readers just what they might expect, and just what they better not.
First of all, I’m even more (and better) politically informed than I could ever care to be, so this will not be an outlet for political ranting. Enough people ruin their lives believing that politicians are ruining them for them, whereas if they could only live their lives ignoring politicians, they’d have a larger portion of their lives back. Besides, voting for politicians only encourages them. Since we can only change ourselves, the world will not change for us, best ever to tend one’s own garden and hope in doing so one can make at least a smaller portion of it a better place to be.
Neither is this going to be an viaduct for any  ideology regarding the “war of the sexes” peace in which should have been declared long ago but given the human condition, perhaps (just like the world) ever to be a source of mystic confounding and confrontation. So, nix that too.
It’s not going to be a platform for bitching about the economy and the rat race hustle-
I have plenty of other arenas to soapbox in and besides, being of a minority viewpoint to begin with, will either be preaching to a choir or reduced to the effectiveness of a wet tea bag slapping the side of a stretch limo- not likely to happen.
What I can perhaps do, however, is speak for the small and the kind and the cool and the good wherever I might find it, add a little levity to somebody’s angry or jinxed out coffee break or give small glimpses of things that lead to a more pacific view of life and culture.
I hate to be trivial so I doubt I’ll head too often toward the mundane, but if I can capture a little bit of starlight in a dewdrop on a blade of grass, so to speak, then this will at least have served one purpose.
Neither am I inclined toward meaningless gossip since gossip and such is always petty and two-thirds conjecture to begin with, always showing up the prejudices of the messenger, plus, there are few people in the world I truly feel deserve the barbed end of a poison pen, and those sorts of things have other arenas for expression as well. What it might well be about would be the types of things I get kicks from, or get by with, or floats the boat. “Cause even if I sometimes get accused o’ bein' a boat rocker I know the sea itself is too big to fight with. Might as well go with the flow, and find out where it goes…

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