Monday, May 8, 2017

Hey Now- We're Too Busy to Blog

Yeah, I know. It must seem lazy, right? I haven't posted anything since the election. And you know what? I might not post anything more for a while yet to come. Currently I am working on recreating some musical scores I worked on twenty years ago but was interrupted when the Macintosh I used to do so crashed and burned. Thanks to a number of economic reasons I was only able to replace my "dedicated music computer" only very recently- and now I am working (again) at picking up my musical thread where it left off. This process leaves little time, or even inclination, to return to writing the fiction I had in the hopper when  I was finally able to get the new computer. So I have two ebooks planned to resume work on them sometime later in summer, with an aim to epublish them through Smashwords in maybe another year. If (in the meanwhile) I manage to create a chapter which I would wish to share with my worldwide audience (I suppose you know who you are!) -then I'll do that. Right now there's nothing more important than getting a good handle on the new music software (what I was using twenty years ago is prehistoric for all events and purposes, now) and working on the score itself, which is something of a bear, but I am no less deeply committed to accomplishing. All this is a longhanded and longwinded way of saying, do not expect any new posts HERE for a whiles. Meanwhile, go enjoy the world and your lives. The sun still rises, the birds still sing, and the human game still "don't mean shit to a tree", as the Jefferson Airplane said.

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